Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kurly Kues

I've got progress with my Cheddar Bow-ties pattern of Bonnie Hunter's which is FREE on her website.  Do you think the layout is right?  Need to mix the light blues with the dark blues.  I do know about one mistake where the bow tie is turned in the wrong direction.  I'll be fixing it!

This is Kontinental which is another Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Trip Around the World.  It's FREE on her website.  I started this in a workshop in January through Sunshine Quilters at Memory Lane.  When the next disaster strikes Kontinental will find a new home which I know will give comfort to it's new owner.

Hope you are finding time in your sewing room this week.


regan said...

Both of these are great! And I wouldn't fix that one works....and is kindof kute! lol

Janet O. said...

I guess I didn't search hard enough to find the errant bow tie, but I love the layout--and the colors just sing!!
Kontinental will be a great comfort quilt for someone someday!

betty said...

Continental is lovely, and it sure will be a blessed gift for someone. Bow Ties's photo isn't clear enough for me to see the error, so therefore it must not be...