Design Wall Monday, October 1, 2012


Judy selected #6 to work on this month for our 2012 Challenge.  I'm really pleased to have Kaktus done already.  I have two more UFOs on the list and neither are started...  I'm hopeful with this extra time to continue on some of my projects not part of the challenge and perhaps get started on one of the two that are coming.

No Klucks Here Either!
Kurly Kues

 During the quilt retreat this past weekend I got done with the turkey blocks less the zig zag stitching around the Steam-A-Seam turkeys.  I wanted to do this part on my Pfaff instead.  I'm familiar with it's stitching and like it a bit better than my portable Janome.  I also got done with the 16 16-patch bow ties blocks.  I wanted to put these blocks together after a long look at placement so that I can spread the fabrics out best.  I'll find time this week to finish Kurly Kues for certain.


Never got to work on Krabapple or Krayons, but it was good to have taken them just in case.  For some more eye candy check out the links today on Patchwork Time's Design Wall Monday.  Have a wonderful week!


betty said...

Love your Kaktus quilt, the colors are perfect, hope you do well in the contest. I'm sure your bow ties will be special as well.

Teresa in Music City said...

Kaktus is gorgeous!!! And your Kurly Kues blocks really catch my eye - love those oranges & blues!!! I've have an orange/blue quilt percolating in the back on my mind now for a while, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them :*)

Janet O. said...

I love how Kaktus turned out. I know these are not your colors, but it is lovely!
Those bowties are just so striking. Can't wait to see that all put together.
I have no doubt you will get your other UFOs completed. Your follow-through on finishes always impresses me. : )

Sue Daurio said...

Wow Kaktus is just gorgeous. Love the sashing and the border. T hose crayon blocks are wonderful, can't wait to see those together.

regan said...

Kaktus is wonderful! I love it! And I'm loving those Krayons blocks, too!

Dar said...

Your Kaktus is stunning. Looks like lots of little pieces! Your Kurly Kues will be a winner when you get them all laid out and together, I'm sure. Love that you name your quilts with "K"s. How original.

Heather said...

Well done! I love the way you name your Kwilts! So fun! Just took a quick trip around your blog and just love your work!

Maggie A said...

Love that Kaktus

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous finish! This one must be even more wow in person. You are one busy lady--love your turkey :)