Design Wall Monday, October 29, 2012

Here we are in the last days of October 2012.  Are you ready for the next four holidays?  They come rapidly now...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  I've got the scarecrows and skeleton out in the yard and a few decorations around the house in place.  Candy is in the pumpkin container and a pumpkin desert is planned for dinner on Tuesday.  Wonder how many kids will come to ring my door bell?

I find myself working on the last half of my neutral blocks.  I've got to make a total of 38 (36 to trade) for a swap I'm coordinating.  The directions for the swap are 9" neutral string blocks in white, cream, beige, and tan (no darker than a paper bag).  The center block needs to be 2".  I'm a bit flexible with this 2" since I didn't stipulate finished or unfinished width.  Either way the size will be sufficient for cutting through the center if that's how your project needs it done.  I use a feather or light weight interfacing as a stabilizer so that I don't have to remove paper.  In this project paper will do fine too.

Once I've got the strings sewn down I position my foundation on a line on the cutting mat.  Can you see the foundation just below that middle string?  Then I position a square fit for 9" blocks with the diagonal line on that same line on the cutting mat.  Then trim away the two top sides of the string block.  I always cut with the strings up.

Next turn the block 180' with the cut point on a cutting mat line.  Place the square at the 9" mark making sure that both side edges are on the 9" mark as well.  Then trim off the last two sides of the string block.

Here's the back or foundation side.  Notice how that center piece is exactly in the center.

With my trimmed away strings...any that are 1 1/2" long get squared and made into cute little 9-Patches.  No waste here!

The rest of my week will have me sewing on my Krabapple project that was also a swap I coordinated a bit earlier this year.  The swap consisted of dark and light 9-Patches.  Krabapple uses lots of 9-Patches in it's border and the sky of the crabapple trees (Bonnie Hunter design called Crabapple).  All pieces are cut out for my project already. 

 Time to sew Krabapple now that my 2012 UFOs are complete or it will become a UFO :).


Janet O. said...

I like the idea of the lightweight interfacing for the string blocks. Maybe I will actually make more some day, knowing I won't have to remove the paper. : )
I constantly marvel at your productivity. You will have Krabapple together in no time. Me? I've just had it on my to do list for almost 2 years now.

Bonnie said...

Good idea about the light weight interfacing. Do you have a brand you prefer or a where it can be bought? Is it JoAnns or some other stuff? Thanks. The blocks look great.

Teresa in Music City said...

Fun post! I love string blocks :*) I may have to try your interfacing trick next time. Crabapple is a wonderful pattern - enjoy!

~Kris~ said...

I love the Crabapple quilt. I would love to make one someday. Can't wait to see yours come together.