Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm in Koala Heaven!

My sewing cabinet arrived yesterday around lunchtime.  The delivery guys, three of them, were real nice.  They had a major task at move 400 pounds to my sewing room which just happens to be on the second floor of my home.  There's one landing on the stairs where it turns out they had to physically muscle the 400 pounds. 

A dolly was used to get it to the ramp where it came off the truck.  Next a thorough inspection...looks good... Back on the those wheels!  Up a step on to the front stoop and then another step over the threshold of the front door...looking good...  Through the entryway and living room to the STEPS!  EEK!  Still on the dolly up nine steps to the landing.  The biggest guy pulling the dolly and the two other guys pushing from the front.  Landing YEAH take a deep breath...oh no Plan A won't work to turn it on the landing for the next seven steps...hmmm what to do now?  Of course Plan B!  Remove the dolly shift the cabinet on its right side those wheels!  YEAH Plan B worked!  Hmmm can't get the dolly back on not enough room on this landing.  Plan C?  Muscle it up one step at a time to the second floor...deep ready big guy?  When they got to the top there was enough room for the dolly and back on it went.  Down the hall to the second room on the right.  Darn there's a difficult wall....hmmm off the dolly and slide it still on the right side into the room.  YEAH take a deep breath!  Next righting it on it's wheels, again a muscle job and a perfect one indeed.

Next all the pieces for shipping were removed.  Finally all the remaining parts were brought in and up to the sewing room for a bit of assembly.  Hmmm where's the hardware packet that contains all the nuts and bolts, shelf clips, and special screwdriver for the lock nuts???  Don't see it here, not here either.  Did you check all the drawers?  Go look in the packing still left in the hallway...nope.  Go look in the packing in the truck...nope.  A call out to Koala. 

"Hello Koala, I just had a QuiltPro Plus IV delivered and we can't find the hardware pack." 

"Sandi did you look in all the packing?  the drawers?" 

"Yes Koala.  It didn't come in the shipment." 

"Sandi did you get the remote that operates the lift?  It should be in that package."

"Yes Koala.  I did get the remote, but no hardware pack."

"Sandi so sorry we will send it out FedEx should get there soon."

"Koala, that isn't fast enough how about FedEx next day...I've already had several delays."

"Okay Sandi we'll send it the fastest we can.  So sorry."

None of the shelves have been installed yet, but the lift works just fine and the sewing machine is in place and ready for action.  The work surface is fabulous and no major problems discovered at this point.  I love the clean white finish and my wing back chair still fits okay in the room.  I'll be using a loaner stool until the Koala one arrives.  Hopefully that will be within a couple of weeks.  I've got all kinds of tools and supplies to move out of temporary totes and boxes into new homes either in the drawers or on the shelves once they can be installed.  I'm thinking linen boxes from the Container Store will be perfect on the shelves.  More to see another time when I've got the shelves in place and supplies in their new home.  Here will be my view as I sew. 

I'm lovin' it already!


Teresa in Music City said...

Yay! Congratulations! You'll love it - I know because it is just like mine =^..^=

Laura said...

Wow! What a great setup!

regan said...

Thank goodness for smart, strong delivery men who can lift heavy large items! And your new set up is awesome! Congrats!

dstitcher said...
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dstitcher said...

Simply fabulous! You better not move...EVER.

Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful!! Sounds like you had some GREAT delivery guys. Enjoy your new unit :)

Barbara said...

You are going to love this cabinet. I've had it for a few years and have never regretted purchasing it. Congratulations and many, many happy sewing hours to you.

betty said...

Hip, Hip, Horray, you got it and it looks so great.. I know you will enjoy it forever. Can't wait to see it all stocked up. Will you have room to put new stuff where you took out the older items and put them in the cabinet?

Kerry's Quilting said...

Congratulations on the new cabinent. It looks great in your room and I know you are really going to enjoy it. Can't wait to see it in person.