2016 UFOs

It looks like Bonnie Hunter will have an impact on my UFOs this year as well with two of her designs and Pat Speth also with two.  Only one of these has a start, good grief.  Thank you to my circle of followers, friends, and family that help me come up with all the "K" names for each of my projects.  Last year quite a few came from names you thought up.  Any suggestions for those yet to be named are greatly appreciated.
January - Done
#1 Kontentment, Allietare 82 x 96. Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Winter Mystery.  The first of 8 Clues was released on Black Friday, November 27, 2015.  I haven't missed this annual gift from Bonnie Hunter since I started in 2008.  The pattern will be FREE on her website until sometime in the Spring of 2016.
March - Done
#2 Kalvert Kliffs, Chesapeake 78 x 102.  Pat Speth designed this one; a Five Inch Is a Cinch pattern.  I’ve made a couple of her designs.  Quite amazing what can be done with a 5” square piece of fabric.  Calvert Cliffs is a location in Maryland off the Chesapeake.
September - Done
#3 Karduus, Desert Nine-Patch 67 x 83.  A design by Karen Montgomery.  Tonga Batiks featured this design.  I’ve had the pattern in my bucket list since 2014.  Just love the way it looks in these mellow yellow tones.  My Sister has come up with another name, carduus is a thistle plant.
May - Done
#4 Kayenne.  High Dessert Paprika 80 x 92. Valori Wells of The Stitchin’ Post created this design.  The original was the 2007 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Raffle Quilt.  This will probably be one of my more challenging designs this year.
April - Done
#5 Kissin’ Korner.  Kiss in the Korner! 60 x 67.  Another great design of Bonnie Hunter's.  I love how I will be able to use up a bunch of scraps on this project.
August - Done
#6 Kloggs.  Pinwheels for Caroline 102 x 120.  Designed by Lori Smith.  Bonnie a long time friend from work gifted this to me for my 60th birthday.
October - Done
#7 Knikknakk.  Hopscotch 70 x 70.  Design by Janelle Noack of Country Matters.  Won this 10 month BOM QM 100 Blocks Volume 5 introduction in May 2012.  Janelle had a block in that volume.  She’s from Australia.  181 others tried their luck and I did it!
November - Done
#8 Konstant Konnection, Dominos 33 x 33.  Design by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  Won October 2014 UFO Parade with 52quilts.com.  The win included pattern and fabric.  Aunt Marti is so generous!

February - Done
#9 Konstellation and Krown.  Star and Crown 38 x 38.  A design by Pat Speth.  Using stash with her trademark 5” square quilt designs.
June - Done
#10 Kookoo Katchu.  A Gaggle of Geese 58 x 73.  Linda Ballard designed this project.  I was a VIQ (Very Important Quilter aka Class Angel) for the Harmony Square workshop I took one year at Road to California.  I like the delicate and simple applique design that sets off the flying geese.  Thanks to my sister for this awfully cute name!

#11 Kozy Korners.  Lucky Charms 56 x 70.  Cozy Quilt Shop Design that I received as a free pattern for attending Strip Club in May 2010.  My sister coined this one too.
December - Done
#12 Krosscheck.  Tackle Box Mini 20 x 25.  Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings designed this cute project.  One of a couple of small projects I purchased at 2015 Road to California Quilt Show.  Another Sister named project.  Gosh she's good!

Kurry (Briar Patch by Judy Neimeyer) did finish in 2015.  It was the last of my UFOs to catch up on.  I am totally in awe of one of her new designs called Osprey’s Nest.  No tries this year at the 2016 Road to California Quilters' Showcase.  Kookaburra looked pretty special at the 2015 Road to California Quilters' Showcase but no ribbons this time.  It is special just to have the honor of a quilt being displayed there.  All 2015 UFOs done and then some.  Quite a bit of designers to work with this year in my selected UFOs.  Come back from time to time to see this page's updates from pattern sketches to finished project.

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