Sunday Stash Report, February 12, 2017

I am thrilled to show and claim FINALLY some completions!  On top is Kolada and on the bottom Kozy Korners.  Batting will be cut today for both of these.  Next, on Tuesday, they will be in the hands of Kerry's Quilting.  But I get ahead of showing you how these two came together this past weekend.

Kozy Korners was first, as well it should be, my final 2016 UFO.  I had to put this project aside for need of time and fabric for the back.  Here you can see the last two borders were measured out and stitched in place.

Next I set out to use the remaining fabrics as much as possible for the back.  This will be added to the back which allows for less fabric purchasing.  It will run across the top although you see it running lengthwise.

DH waited patiently for me in the car in front of Beverly's after lunch on Saturday so I could pick up a matching fabric for the rest of the back.  This was my only purchase this week.  It is the same fabric design as the border in a different colorway of course.  Mom and Dad should be happy with their new guest bedroom quilt.

Next up was Kolada.  Kolada is the class project from this years Road to California.  The blocks were stitched together first. That blue square in the center of the large pineapple blocks looks so out of place here...time to rectify that!

There wasn't enough of the blue for a larger border as was hoped, but an inner border was certainly in the scope of the remaining fabric.  I added more of the background green to come to the size of border that looked good.

And voila!  The back is more of the background green.  I will likely use the same green for the binding.  The remaining scraps will be pieced together for a sleeve.  Kolada was made for a wall in my kitchen/nook area.  I am excited to soon see it hanging there.

Changes in my fabric stash today while the Happy Dance music is playing in my ears.

Used this week:  13 yards
Used YTD: 13 yards
Purchased this week:  4.5 yards
Purchased YTD:  19.5 yards
Net used in 2017:  -6.5 yards

More quilters using up their stash this past week.  Enjoy the quilting through the links at Patchwork Times.


Betty said...

Kolada is lovely and it will set in the kitchen kook in an attractive spot. the pineapple pattern has always been a favorite of mine. yes, I have the right spot for Kozy Korners,it will fit perfectly. I know you were looking forward to hugging that sewing machine, you have been so busy with your new carpet and surroundings that you machine was ideal for awhile.

Nancy J said...

lots of matching points in both, love the colours, and the pineapples, what a pattern. I'm sure the quilting will be just as you like .

Jennifer said...

Lovely finished quilts!

Kerry's Quilting said...

Wow! Two great finishes.You will be in the black soon.

Unknown said...

Awesome Sandi!!! Love these. Great job.