Sunday Stash Report, February 22, 2015

I needed a sashing and a back for Krazy Koons 2 so this fabric was purchased on Thursday from Paradise Sewing in Poway.  I had a very good night there, finishing up two projects.  I still have the birds pinned down waiting for the perle cotton thread.  It won't take much to sew them down.  Kerry has another couple of projects coming her way...

Krazy Koons 2
This next one didn't need any fabrics to complete.  I added the strips at the top and bottom to make it square.  I cut 8 1/2" squares of fabrics leftover to create the back.  The eyes of the birds get a button once quilted.  I will also be tacking down the flower stems.  
Krazy Kookoos 2
There is no change in my stats unless I count 1 1/4 yards in and then 1 1/4 yards used.  The two tops are leftovers from the main project.  I already counted the fabric used when they completed.  You might recognize Kurry just behind these two Buggy Barn projects.  At this point I only have eight more seams to go.  Next week there will be a change worth reporting.  Stop by tomorrow for the final of Kurry!

Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 42.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 29.25 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  13.5 yards


Kalicocreations said...

It amazes me how much you get finished. I can't wait to see Kurry revealed!

Dar said...

You may not have used much this week, but your overall numbers are good.