Sunday Stash Report, October 26, 2014

Rug 2
I have a finish!  Not something you would usually see on my projects finished, but Rug 2 was finished on Thursday evening.  I still have to sink in the tails of the knots.  Rug 2 is for in front of my kitchen sink.  It matches Rug 1 that has been in front of my nook door since its finish early last year.
Rug 1
These rugs are 2' by 4' when finished.  I am using up lots of scraps to make them.  Each uses around 17 yards of fabric.  Yes, I know you are adding up the cost of each one...let's not think of labor time either.  Just think of it as using fabric pieces that likely would not be used and time for relaxing.  It is quite rewarding when they finish and are so durable.

Here are my stats for this last week of October 2014.  Doesn't seem like I'm making a dent in my fabric stash this year.  You can tell that I'm sewing though!  See other projects through the links at Patchwork Times.  Happy Sunday.

Used this week:  17 yards
Used YTD: 193.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 154.75 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2014:  39 yards

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Janet O. said...

Nice job on the rugs.
Wow, I didn't realize they would use that much fabric, but many quilters could probably come up with that much that they no longer love and make a rug they would love! : )